Hero Zero Tutorial

Hero Zero Tutorial


What’s the effect on your figure have skills?

Durability – is in charge of the destruction done to ask your figure. 1 power = 1 harm.

Condition – It influences our tips of power and determines just how long you may survive in battle. 1 point = 10 condition

Intelligence – Raises chance to inflict critical harm to our opponents

Intuition – Raises your chance to all the blows inflicted by heroes.

How I will extend my skills?

It will depend on personal preference. We’ve specialization in a single or even more skills, but it’s got benefits and drawbacks. The simplest way to grow is grow your figure in a ecological manner.

Once the Second-Hand Shop offers a fresh items?

Each day after moonlight you can renew your Look for free, but only 1 time. Next times costs 1 donut.

How I could supercharge my energy?

If you completed 100 (without trophy) energy you’ve got 2 options:The first option is hang on to moonlight , whenever your energy will regenerate automatically.The next option is add 50 energy, using 2 donuts or some cash. This option you can certainly do 4 times per per day.

What’s the training?

If you are doing training, you can choose skill, what would you like to educate. Each training is increasing “Training belt” next point. After you done your training, your skill extended by 5 items. Every day we’ve got 10 details of training. However when your team offers trophy with training, every trophy contributes 5 tips to training items.

Crimson and blue items? What’s that?

Crimson – Items called “Epic” these things are of high quality with relatively usually high beliefs bonuses. Potential. 4 kind of skills

Blue – Items called “Rare” they are the things with lower beliefs than Epic items, nevertheless they are much better than the normal items. Potential. 3 sorts of skills.

What’s the missile prepared?

Slot machine game remains locked for players to level 10. If you reach level 10, we’ve the option to get 100 missile outfitted. This weapon escalates the damage.

What’s the ranking?

Ranking shows the existing location of players and groups. For every successful challenge against another player we get the honor, that allows us to climb higher in the standing.

Clubs and Team Battles

In the overall game, you can become a member of or create your own team that allows us to try out with other players. The team also brings benefits through the introduction of features that provide us an added bonus by means of more energy, increase our reports, or more rare metal and experience. Furthermore, the team is victorious trophies that bring additional advantages to the associates of the team and the team battles.


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