Description of Hero Zero

In Hero Zero undertake the role of budding hero in this powerful display based web browser game where you undertake missions for experience and glory, teach up your heroes skills and figures, obstacle other avatars and do what must be done to eventually turn into a real superhero.


The magnificently rendered graphics improve the comic world, combing everyday gameplay and humour for a fairly easy to get n’ play game with both solo and multiplayer elements.

Create your hero or heroine to your individual style with a number of customization option to improve every part of the look of them, from hairstyle, lips, nasal area, eyebrows and the rest. Increase their uniqueness further using the in-game shop to buy zany clothing and wacky equipment that are not simply for show and can be utilized in your missions.

Starting life as an improbable neighbourhood good-guy your missions will size up using what you can perform, however when you commence you can handle bit more than assisting old women mix the road and recovering felines from trees and shrubs. Missions typically belong to two types: Time Missions or Battle Missions.

With each successful quest you complete you obtain XP that can be spent to improve skills and gold coin to buy products. As you make your talents and arsenal you’ll proceed from your sleepy neighbourhood in to the wider world and face down real supervillains.

As an extra bonus player can pick a one-on-one deal with to the loss of life, whilst dangerous these missions dramatically boost your hero’s fame.

The overall game itself revolved around a tongue-in-cheek funny method of the superhero genre, even in battle, where you can provide your hero with lots of unlikely weaponry like a super pink mane blower!

Whilst funny in places there are elements that induce the gloomy atmospheric vibe in an area where three villains await your improbable hero.


Hero Zero’s in-game condition mainly features items and customization options for your personality that you can purchase using coins gained from your successful missions. With lots of whacky items available, from sparkling shoes, translucent cloaks, fluffy nightgowns and intellect maximizing flowery flip-flops, you will discover their selection both comical and useful.


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